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Kids Karate Classes in Colorado Springs

Karate is a great way to improve the development of a child physically, mentally, and socially.


Being able to defend oneself requires students to be physically capable. Students develop into physically strong young men and women by training on a continuous basis. This prepares children to participate in any sport they choose, and to be physically capable of reaching their full physical potential.

Mental Preparedness

If children are to be able to deal with the peer pressure, bullying, social awkwardness, and personal safety issues presented by today’s society they will need to be mentally prepared. Focus, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and awareness are developed in our karate program. The process of working through the belt ranks helps the child see their accomplishments and understand their place among the other students in the program.  As the students progress through the ranks they are expected to become leaders and to set an example for the lower ranking students.

Social Development

Developing respect for others and oneself is critical in the development of a child. Our karate program is a “No Tease Zone”. Students always remember where they come from. When advanced students see new students struggle with a new technique they are trained to be helpful, encouraging, and respectful. New students to the program learn from their peers how to be successful in class. As students learn they advance through the ranks by testing for each belt rank. Our tests are long and challenging. The student emerges with a sincere sense of accomplishment, and enhanced desire to continue to learn and grow to their next rank.


Students 13 and up are transitioned into our adult program. We believe that it is important to begin to expect positive adult behavior from teens. We believe it is important to surround the teenage student with positive role models, people they can respect and, therefore, receive respect in return. These students are also encouraged to help assist in the teaching of the younger students in the school, helping them to further develop a sense of belonging and purpose.